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In 2017, was established as a dedicated local Hindi online news source for Ghazipur District. With a commitment to constructive and crusading journalism, has been on a journey of continuous growth since its inception.

Our fearless platform goes beyond being a passive conveyor of news; it strives to shape opinions and serve as a reliable source for the community. Over the years, has firmly positioned itself as the preferred media outlet for the people. With a focus on public interest journalism, serious opinion pieces, and in-depth analysis, we have garnered unparalleled credibility and brand recognition.

Renowned for the quality of our reporting, the expertise of our writers, and the sophistication of our analyses, has quickly earned an enviable reputation.

We recognize the vital role of a robust and independent media in fostering a free and just society. Our commitment is to act as the conscience of the community, delivering news and perspectives on matters of national interest without fear or favor.

Our team of writers and editors ensures that our content maintains a level of ease and understandability, catering to the preferences and comfort of our readers. is proud to be registered under the number 30-0030362. For the latest updates and information on Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India, Business, Entertainment, and Sports, always stay connected with our website at